Anti-Pot Anti-Marijuana Public Service Announcement Video / PSA

Anti-Pot Anti- Marijuana Public Service Announcement Video.

How Sensible Are Marijuana People who smoke? / Anti- Marijuana PSA Video Public Service Annoucement from the general public area. Courtesy of Comparability of gaseous and particulate parts of marijuana and tobacco smoke. MJ / Tobacco (Gasoline Section Evaluation) Carbon Monoxide (Vol %) 3.99 4.58 Carbon Monoxide (mg) 17.6 20.2 Carbon Dioxide (Vol %) 8.27 9.38 Carbon Dioxide (mg) 57.3 Ammonia (ug) 228 178 HCN (ug) 532 498 Isoprene (ug) 83 310 Acetaldehyde (ug) 1200 980 Acetone (ug) 443 578 Acetonitrile (ug) 92 85 Benzene (ug) 76 67 Toluene (ug) 112 108 Dimethylnitrosamine (ng) 75 84 Methylethylnitrosamine (ng) 27 30 Particulate Matter Evaluation Phenol (ug) 76.8 138.5 o-Cresol (ug) 76.8 24 m-p-Cresol (ug) 54.4 65 2.4- and a pair of.5- dimethylphenol (ug) 6.8 14.Four Naphthalene (ng) 3000 1200 1-methylnaphthalene 6100 3650 2-methylnaphthalene 3600 1400 Benzo(a)anthracene (ng) 75 43 Benzo(a)pyrene (ng) 31 22.1 Simply an attention-grabbing comparability of the 2 varieties of cigarettes. I do not know the precise quantities that have been examined however they give the impression of being remarkably comparable. The knowledge right here got here from an chapter in “A Primer of Drug Motion”. One other very informative e-book about MJ is Medicine and Habits an Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology. Each of those books present an attention-grabbing dialogue of the historical past and results of MJ. Chemical substances in Marijuana Smoke Could Hurt DNA Lab checks discover cannabis much more poisonous than tobacco Posted June 19, 2009 FRIDAY, June 19 (HealthDay Information) — The smoke from cannabis, the plant from which marijuana is derived, incorporates compounds that may injury DNA and improve the danger of most cancers identical to tobacco smoke, says a brand new research from the UK. In laboratory checks, Rajinder Singh from the College of Leicester and colleagues discovered sure carcinogens in cannabis smoke in quantities 50 p.c better than these present in tobacco smoke. They famous that mild cannabis use may probably show to be much more damaging as a result of cannabis people who smoke normally inhale extra deeply than cigarette people who smoke. “The smoking of three to 4 cannabis cigarettes a day is related to the identical diploma of harm to bronchial mucus membranes as 20 or extra tobacco cigarettes a day,” the researchers famous in a information launch from the college. The analysis was based mostly on checks utilizing a brand new extremely delicate liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry methodology to research the cannabis smoke. It appeared particularly at acetaldehyde — a suspected cancer-causing chemical recognized to have an effect on human DNA that’s present in each sorts of smoke. “These outcomes present proof for the DNA-damaging potential of cannabis smoke, implying that the consumption of cannabis cigarettes could also be detrimental to human well being with the likelihood to provoke most cancers improvement,” the researchers concluded of their report, revealed within the June 15 problem of Chemical Analysis in Toxicology.

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