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Boomer Natural Wellness Review

  • Boomer Natural Wellness Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Boomer Natural Wellness Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Innovation & Mission Badges.

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Boomer Natural Wellness: 60-Second Summary

Boomer Natural Wellness wants you to know that wellness is not a luxury — it’s a lifestyle! We love that sentiment; everyone deserves access to natural wellness. Meet a CBD vendor with a different feel than what we’re used to. This Las Vegas outfit is run by a band of wellness practitioners who firmly believe in holistic health. Boomer’s online CBD store leaves something to be desired, however, with some key points missing.


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Boomer Natural Wellness Brand Review

Boomer Natural Wellness (for the sake of time, we’ll refer to them as ‘Boomer’ for the remainder of the review) hails from Las Vegas, and we like what we see with the people behind them. The idea with Boomer is true holistic wellness — mind, body, spirit — and they don’t simply cater to physical health issues. Their advisory board reflects that mindset, with a neurosurgeon, PhD nutritionist, psychiatrist, and yoga/meditation instructor among members. The COO is a co-owner of a medicinal cannabis cultivation and distribution operation out of Arizona, so we’ve got a hemp aficionado in the mix too.

Boomer aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things wellness, and they have a brick-and-mortar location in Las Vegas. In addition to selling CBD and other wellness/self-care products, they provide services, digital programs, packages, and complimentary resources meant to help people take the power of their health back. What exactly these services entail remains a mystery to us, though…

Boomer offers an enormous selection of CBD items with over 20 products for sale! The company claims everything in their lineup is naturally derived and non-GMO. However, we are bummed that Boomer does not provide comprehensive ingredients lists. For products like CBD topicals, we won’t be able to tell you if synthetics are lurking inside.

The company also offers lots of other wellness products, but we will stick to discussing only those that include cannabidiol. Interestingly, Boomer offers a ‘golf’ category of products, but it seems as though they are identical to their original counterparts. Take a look:

  • CBD tinctures (isolate or full-spectrum)
  • CBD gummies- Boomer has some really cool CBD gummies on their hands. They’re vegan, all-natural, and made with Kangen Water. Kangen Water is apparently a high-end Japanese alkaline water used in Eastern Medicine. We’ve never seen it before in the CBD space! You can buy the CBD gummies in three formulas: AM with caffeine, PM with melatonin, or regular.
  • CBD weight loss spray
  • CBD topicals- There are few options here: CBD pain relief roll-on, CBD pain rub with emu oil, CBD body butter, CBD freeze pain rub, CBD massage oil, and CBD tattoo cream.
  • CBD beauty- Say hello to CBD exfoliator, AM/PM moisturizers, anti-aging cream with apple stem cells, wrinkle serum, and eye serum. Whew!
  • CBD golf- Boomer sells CBD Golf AM gummies, a Golf CBD isolate tincture, and Gold pain relief CBD roll-on. Since there are no comprehensive ingredients lists, we cannot tell what differentiates (if anything) these formulas from the originals.
  • CBD nano drops- Nanotechnology is used to procure water-soluble CBD tinctures, another innovative choice.
  • CBD pet tincture
  • CBD Golf lip balm

We do not definitively know exactly what’s inside each product. The issue is that Boomer does not disclose enough information. That’s why they rank so low.

We know that they source their CBD oil from organically grown hemp in Colorado. Fantastic. But what’s the extraction method? We’ll need to know to award the Quality Badge.

Also, Boomer claims to conduct third-party tests for their products. Again, these are nowhere to be found, making them ineligible for the Safety Badge.

Finally, we were surprised not to see any evidence of charitable giving from Boomer. Why? The mission behind their team seems to indicate they’d be big into giving back. Even their blog — totally unlike anything we’ve seen from a CBD vendor — has content that comes from a real place and exudes a sort of humanitarianism. So yeah, we’re surprised.

Bottom Line – Boomer Natural Wellness has a great team behind them, but we need to see more from the brand — including independent lab results for their CBD oil and charitable activity — to award more badges. We also strongly suggest they provide ingredients lists for their products. People deserve to know!

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Badges For Boomer Natural Wellness

Boomer Natural Wellness ReviewInnovation Verified

Boomer Natural Wellness has a few innovative products, one of which incorporates nanotechnology for water-soluble CBD.

Boomer Natural Wellness ReviewsMission Verified

Boomer Natural Wellness is committed to helping people experience a higher quality of life from the inside out.


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