Can You Place CBD Oil in Your Belly Button?


Option strategies of utilizing CBD has been a hot subject of late. 1 of the most talked about option strategies is the application of CBD into the belly button.

The notion itself is not new. It is an ancient strategy of finding medicines or other remedies into the physique. But does it definitely do something or would you just be wasting revenue? Let’s talk about this strategy and no matter whether it is worth attempting.

The Pechoti Strategy

The thought behind utilizing the belly button as a delivery strategy is named the Pechoti Strategy. It is frequently utilised in Ayurveda traditions. The name is primarily based on the thought that there is one thing named a “Pechoti gland” behind the belly button. This is believed to be a leftover from when the umbilical cord is reduce soon after birth.

The belief is that due to the fact all nutrients pass by way of the umbilical cord as you are formed in the womb, it should really nevertheless be capable to be utilised as a way to get nutrients and health-related remedies into the physique.

Does the Pechoti Gland Even Exist?

So far, there has been no such gland found behind the belly button. But this is not the only difficulty with the Pechoti Strategy.

When applied topically to the skin, CBD desires more permeability enhancers to penetrate by way of the leading layers of the skin and enter the bloodstream. Most CBD oil merchandise do not have these enhancers that would make them transdermal.

So even if the Pechoti gland does exist, our existing expertise of CBD does not help the thought that it can pass by way of the skin to attain the gland. Most persons utilizing the Pechoti Strategy are applying classic CBD oil drops that contain carrier oils such as hemp seed or coconut oil. None of these are permeability enhancers.

To penetrate by way of the skin, a transdermal item would be necessary. But if a single have been to use a genuinely transdermal item, applying it to the belly button would be unnecessary. Transdermals can get into the bloodstream no matter exactly where they are applied to the physique.

In Conclusion – Can You Place CBD Oil in Your Belly Button?

The Pechoti Strategy is a trendy but controversial option way of taking CBD. The gland cited by its proponents has not been discovered to exist in the human physique. But there are persons who use this strategy and claim results. This is regardless of the contradicting expertise that most well-known CBD merchandise lack the capability to penetrate by way of the skin.

The only correct harm with attempting this strategy is the possible waste of CBD and hence waste of revenue. If you do make a decision to give it a attempt, we’d adore to hear about your experiences in the comments section.


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