Harvest Hype: five Strains Most likely to Crush the Competitors in 2019





For the previous two years, a strain on this list has gone on to win accolades at the renowned Emerald Cup. Here’s what we’ve got our eyes on from this year’s outside cannabis harvest in California.




In current years, 1 of the most fascinating factors for me to operate on has been whittling down the thousands of varieties of marijuana grown outdoors in California in a offered year to obtain the leading of the pack. I’m hunting for exactly where the true magic occurs: when excellent genetics are place into the hands of above-typical farmers.

Harvest season is now in complete blast as farmers not only operate to get the final sections of late operating Sour Diesels and numerous landrace genetics chopped, but also to obtain space in the stuffed storehouses for the cannabis to dry and remedy.

I’ve absolutely fine-tuned the method of choosing this list more than the years, but I’m hoping for related outcomes as I’ve had in the previous in 2017, 3rd Generation Family’s Roze won second spot at The Emerald Cup (the premier cannabis competitors for outside pot) after generating the list and in 2018, Cherry Punch took property third at the Emerald Cup after generating that year’s list as nicely. So the precedent has been set.

Will we hit the 3-peat this year? Time will inform, but right here are the strains I anticipate have the finest opportunity of bringing property some award hardware for the reason that they are the absolute flame. I’m confident you will be enjoying them in the months to come.

MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies)

Lately featured in our print edition, the Miracle Alien Cookies strain from underground breeder Capulator is poised to be 1 of the stars of the 2019 harvest, without the need of a doubt. This year, much more outside MAC will drop than at any time previously. Even though we can not say it’ll all be grown by green thumbs, a lot of it is going to be insane. We currently saw a spread of great variations at the Hall of Flowers cannabis conference in Santa Rosa, California a couple of months back. We’d have to have relatively thick skulls to ignore the truth that the MAC left on the plant for the complete season is bound to be exceptional.

Watermelon Zkittlez

From the award-winning hills of Mendocino County, Watermelon Zkittlez — bred by the cultivators at Dying Breed Seeds — is one more 1 that appears like it is going to have a excellent run this year. Dying Breed is the exclusive distributor of 3rd Generation Family’s legacy genetics. Finding a pack from the mothership of this Watermelon Zum Zum #three x Eddy cross will set you back 500 bucks, but it appears like there are some clones going about. Nonetheless, who wouldn’t want to have a crazy propagation project of this? Considerably like the common Zkittlez strain, Watermelon Zkittlez has a sweet and fruity smell, with an invigorating higher.

Banana Punch

Like Dying Breed Seeds, Symbiotic Genetics has discovered its way onto several cannabis competitors podiums across the globe in current years. Even though their most popular efforts — like the stabilization of Purple Punch and the creation of the rockstar Mimosa strain — usually come to thoughts 1st (and there’s nothing at all incorrect with that), the newest generation of heavy hitters from Symbiotic are absolutely on par. In that pack of new strains, we assume the Banana Punch is a excellent terpene-loaded adventure. The Village, the breeder and cultivator that comprises half of the Symbiotic group, notes if you like the strain, you can get the seeds: Banana Punch is Symbiotic Genetics’s 1st-ever feminized line. You can study much more about Symbiotic Genetics’s future plans in an upcoming print challenge of Cannabis Now.

Peanut Butter Breath vs. Peanut Butter Cup

For the 1st time ever, a meme war has produced its way onto the Harvest Hype list, and deservingly so. The battle puts the gassy cuts of Peanut Butter Breath and Peanut Butter Cup toe to toe. Even though several a meme has attempted to set the record straight on which Peanut Butter shall rule them all, only time will inform if either will carve a spot in the hearts and minds of all. The Peanut Butter Breath crowd will be repping ThugPug genetics, although group Peanut Butter Cup will be hitting the volleyball court in their Clout King gear. We’re extremely excited to see who comes out on leading.

Inform US, what new strains are you excited about?


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