KOI CBD GOLD 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg CBD Vape Vanilla Caramel



is a 100% Organic CBD Isolate and is 100% legal to get and sell. By way of the isolate extraction method the quantity of CBD will be constant each time. It will not differ, it will not have trace levels of THC, it will not trigger you to fail drug tests. Consistency is the important, you can constantly be assured of what your receiving. Koi CBD is imported from Europe, is 99.7% Pure CBD, and has been tested for no pesticides, fungal & bacterial contamination, and no residual solvents. Koi CBD is protected to consume in pretty much any quantity, there are no recognized side impacts, has % THC and is 100% legal to get with out a health-related card.

60vg/ 40pg.



We’re hooked on KOI. Not all CBD providers verify all the boxes like this 1: business-wide respect, brand identity, item diversification and top quality. As a total package, KOI is a huge fish in smaller pond, and it is been that way due to the fact 2015 when the corporation debuted with a mission to build a common top quality for CBD goods. Every single batch of KOI has complete traceability from the get started to the completed item. Appreciate a suite of colour-coded, perfected vape juice flavor profiles that variety from Blue’s dragonfruit to Jade’s watermelon / green apple. Even your pets can go fishing for the KOI CBD practical experience with two.5mg naturally created soft chews. People today, stock your carts.


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