What&#39s smoking marijuana like? The good and adverse effects of smoking cannabis and dabs

A former pot head extremist covers the good and adverse effects of extended term marijuana usage.
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My marijuana use had quite a few levels to it. Initially pot would make me trip out, every single time I would smoke weed I’d get this heavy dissociation. Then cannabis became much more of a sedative that would give me power. Lastly anytime I’d be smoking weed it’d hardly do something at all. My tolerance to THC got so higher it was a major aspect of my reasoning as to why I stopped smoking weed. I searched weed videos attempting to comprehend what was taking place as a outcome of smoking cannabis. It seemed the marijuana effects began to reverse and I believed I was going insane from smoking marijuana. The 420 days of smoking pot and obtaining entertaining had been extended gone. It got so negative smoking dabs had tiny to no impact. I could not even get higher dabbing. I then faced a withdrawal from the substance.

Cannabinoids have unbelievable medicinal worth. Health-related marijuana is far safer than a lot of prescribed medicines. Never let this video deter you from healthcare cannabis as the options are far much more risky. It is just not all entertaining and games like shown in videos of grandmas smoking weed. If you are browsing “what is marijuana” I hope this video gave you insight into a stoner general expertise.

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