5 Ways To Keep Your Lips Happy This Winter

Autumn is here and there is chill in the air. Wearing a mask hides your lips, but it won’t keep them healthy as harsh winter weather takes a toil.

“It’s true, the use of masks can leave our lips dry. This winter say hi to hydration and kiss your chapped lips goodbye,” shares celebrity makeup artist Troy Lazaris.

Drink plenty of water

Summer heat can be rough and dehydrating, but winter and cold can be just as brutal on luscious lips. Doctors recommend 6-8 glasses of water a day. Not only for healthy lips, water boosts energy by delivering important nutrients to all of your cells, especially muscle cells. It also helps weight loss by making you feel full longer, preventing additional calories. And, helps your body naturally detoxify.

Don’t peel or bite off dry skin

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Peeling that annoying flap only makes your chapped lips worse. As tempting as it is to quickly remove the offense flakes, it causes bleeding and pain along with slowing the healing process. Hands off should be the right motto.

Only use products with nourishing ingredients

According to Glamour, lips are the second most important facial feature, so show them some TLC. After the eyes, most people focus on the lips, and it important to keep them nourished with products that add to their natural help.

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Míage’s BLOOM La Milpa Lip Treatment stick is a healing nectar for your lips; a multifunctional waterless gloss that works double-time as a high-glow daily conditioning lip gloss and as an overnight lip treatment. Their farm-to-skin ethos is combined with scientific precision. Their system is effortless, non-invasive, and inexpensive. It is a perfect way protect your lips from harsh weather. Míage’s hydrating waterless solution delivers petal-soft lips ready for any moment.

Avoid over licking your lips

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While it feels great at the moment, licking your lips only helps to dry them out. When you lick, you coat them saliva, which are full of enzymes that are harsh and cause them to feel drier and more uncomfortable

Nip cold sores and fever blisters in the bud

Like eye drops, lip medicinal products are meant to be used only when you have a significant problem, not just when your lips are chapped. Experts advise starting the application as soon as a sore erupts.

With these simple tips, winter should find your lips happy, healthy and ready for whatever comes at them.

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