Amco Review of Suite 443’s In-house Grown Glass Slipper

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Glass Slipper is a 70% Sativa dominate, classic cross of Cinderella 99 X The White strains. We reviewed this strain on a previous crop in August, April and as far back as February. This label reads THC 27.2% and the CBD .048%. The Harvest date is 10-7-20 and a test date of 10-27-20. Making this a 20 day cure on this flower. Here is a Amco High Opinion.

The Look

This 1/8th sample of flower is bright green coloration with pistils that are blond to a light rust color. The tricomb formations are plentiful. Although the bulbous heads are mostly clouded there is very little amber present. The lack of amber tricombs are less of an issue because Sativas are not carrying a body effect to support with the CBN production. The density of the flower is remarkable. The three main buds are about a inch or larger and the smaller pieces are about a pea size. Amco High Opinion 9 out of 10 for the look.

The Smell

The quality of the flower produced by 443 just keeps getting better. The moist earth stench backed by a Limonene and Myrcene make this strain a treat to smell. Amco high opinion of 9 of 10.

The Cure

This Glass Slipper shows some yellowing of a few tricombs which many would say is ideal for a sativa. The clouded and clear tricombs are present on the interior and exterior of the buds. There is some minor bulbous heads missing on one the buds. Maybe the trimmer got a little to scissor happy or just my ruff handling of the jar possibly. The relative humidity of this sample is prime. Amco High Opinion 9 of 10 for the cure.

The Taste

The OCB Virgin paper lets me taste the flowers with no distraction of paper taste in the half gram sample. The terps that scream out the loudest are different then the last sample of this strain. Myrecene’s skunk flavor is present with a hint of Limonene’s citrus flavors that I find very pleasing. I’m curious to know what changes the terpene content from grow to grow. Amco High Opinion of 9 out of 10.

The Effect

I put this joint out three times in the space of this review. This Sativa hits hard. You can use it to easily disassociate from your pain. This makes for a great morning med for those who fight pain, depression, and ADHD. Amco High Opinion perfect 10 out of 10.

Overall Amco gives it a 9.2

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