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Only 25% of CBD edibles contain the labeled amount of CBD.

That’s according to the results retrieved from a study conducted by Leafreport and its partner lab, Canalysis.

Moreover, potency tests revealed that 63% of products had more CBD than labeled.

Lital Shafir, Leafreport’s head of products, said Thursday that “some discrepancies were expected,” considering that “edibles are harder to measure compared to tinctures, capsules, and other products.”

However, he emphasized that the “degree of discrepancy shows yet again the importance of researching the brand before buying and checking the third-party lab results for the products they are most interested in.”

According to experts’ recommendations, cannabinoid levels in cannabis products shouldn’t deviate more than 10%, compared to the amount that’s advertised. In addition, CBD products should have between 90% to 110% of the claimed CBD amount.

The Israel-based Leafreport tested over 40 edible products, with only ten that had CBD levels within 10% of the advertised amount. The majority of the companies producing CBD products that satisfied the conditions were “newer, smaller brands.”

Meantime, mislabeling seems to be a trend, as other categories of cannabis products, including infused beverages, showed some discrepancies as well.

In September, Leafreport disclosed it had tested 22 infused beverages from 20 popular brands, revealing that 54% of the products contained less CBD than claimed.

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Source: https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/20/11/18345941/1-in-4-cbd-edibles-have-inaccurate-labels-study-shows

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