Best Hybrid Strains | Selection of the Most Enjoyable Hybrid Weed Strains

best hybrid strain

best hybrid strain

Imagine relaxing on a comfy sofa while feeling utterly happy, without a care in the world. That’s precisely what some of the best hybrid strains of weed can do for you.

When sativa and indica join hands, they can make some of the most powerful and highly enjoyable strains. Since they give you the best of both worlds – excitement and relaxation at the same time – they’re enjoyed by a wide variety of people globally.

And the best part? There are thousands of hybrid strains to choose from that best fit your personality and preferences.

However, choosing between so many different strains can quickly get confusing and frustrating.

So allow me to make your hybrid weed hunt a bit easier. Amongst thousands, I’ve narrowed down the list to eight of the best hybrid strains. These are the most popular and most loved – you’re definitely going to have the best few hours of your life with them. Read on!

Best Hybrid Strains List

Strain THC Effects Get
1. Original Glue 30-32% Relaxed, happy,
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2. Gelato 20-25% Relaxed, happy,
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3. GSC 25-28% Happy, relaxed,
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4. Wedding Cake 21-25% Relaxed, happy,
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5. Blue Cookies 19-25% Relaxed, happy,
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6. Mac 1 25-28% Euphoric, relaxed,
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7. Motorbreath 25-29% Euphoric, relaxed,
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8 White Widow 17-20% Happy, euphoric,
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Hybrid Weed Strains Reviews

My hybrid strain list has a few of sativa dominant hybrid strains, while others are indica dominant. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed with these award-winning picks:

1. Original Glue – OG

Original Glue best hybrid strain

Original Glue best hybrid strain​A quick fix to a restless and sleepless night, the Original Glue is one of the most potent indica dominant hybrid strains. Its whopping 30-32% THC content makes sure you relax and sleep a wonderfully dreamy night.

With multiple awards to its name, Original Glue first hits you with a cerebral rush, erasing all signs of worries and sadness. Once you’re all happy and laughing, expect to get ‘stuck’ to your couch for hours, as the highly potent indica relaxes your body.

With a mix of diesel, chocolatey, and earthy flavor, the very sought-after Original Glue is commonly used for sleeplessness, depression, and stress.

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2. Gelato – Hybrid Weed Strain

gelato hybrid strain

gelato hybrid strainImagine devouring a gelato cone that makes you soaring high, without adding any extra pounds to your body. The deliciously creamy and sweet Gelato strain does something very similar, leaving you in a dream-like state.

With 20-25% of THC and being one the most sought-after indica dominant strains, this dreamy hybrid weed induces a surprising amount of high. The fast-acting cerebral rush, which makes you super happy, social, and worry-free, slowly spreads into the body.

However, it doesn’t leave you couch-locked – you can spend the day doing your daily tasks with a happy mind and relaxed body. The balanced effects of Gelato make it a strain you must try once in your life.

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3. GSC – Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies strain

girl scout cookies strainThe Girl Scout Cookies is a celebrity in the weed world (seriously. Every stoner knows about it!). This super potent strain is well-known to work for patients of depression and anxiety. It can also help ease muscle spasms and chronic pain.

This is possible due to the long-lasting effects of sativa and indica in GSC. The 25-28% of THCs and 1% of CBD induces euphoria that dissolves into a relaxed, couch-locked mind and body. It can fight chronic pain effectively and even give you the munchies.

With a sweet, creamy flavor and smoke, this couch-locking yet mind-soaring strain has become the go-to hybrid weed for thousands (including rappers).

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4. Wedding Cake

wedding cake hybrid

wedding cake hybridAnother one of the most balanced hybrid strains, Wedding Cake, offers you the best of both worlds. It almost instantly hits you with a buzz in the head, giving you long-lasting euphoria.

While making you focused, it might also make your thoughts race. This, in the right setting, can lead to creative ideas and spark deep conversation.

After a comparatively long high, your body finally goes into blissful numbness. It might even result in a couch-lock due to the high level of THC, but your brain will still maintain thoughtfulness and creativity.

Unlike its name, Wedding Cake has a harsh smell but a creamy and sweet flavor that pleases the taste buds.

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5. Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies strain

Blue Cookies strainAn offspring of the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, Blue cookies is a very potent yet well-balanced hybrid weed strain. Even though it isn’t a sativa dominant hybrid strain, it induces a very intense buzz in the head, which might lead to paranoia in large doses.

However, the high lasts a short while, as a heavy numbness soon takes over the body, making it ideal for patients of chronic pain.

With a flavor full of sweet berries and sometimes with dank undertones, Blue Cookies is ideal for day and night.

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6. Mac 1

mac 1 hybrid strain

mac 1 hybrid strainNeed to feel pure happiness? The Mac 1 can give you exactly that, along with a relaxed body, as it’s one the most perfectly balanced hybrid strains out there.

With around 20-23% of THCs (and sometimes even more), it makes you feel joyful and calmly euphoric, driving any dark thoughts away from the mind. After a while, deep relaxation sets in the body, which often leads to couch-lock.

Considering its ideally balanced effects, it could be a good replacement for your evening glass of alcohol. Plus, the sour, fuel-like taste balanced with a spicy, citrusy flavor makes it an interesting and adventurous choice for the palate.

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7. Motorbreath

Motorbreath hybrid

Motorbreath hybridFor the veteran stoners looking for stronger and more interesting flavors, the award-winning Motorbreath is a good place to start.

Why? Well, for one, it tastes and smells like soil, fuel, garlic, and even meat (no, I’m not kidding!). Secondly, it has an average THC of 28%, sometimes going over even 30%. This, as you can imagine, can give you a mind-boggling amount of high.

Motorbreath hits you with an intense euphoria without the energetic side effects. After that, you’ll find yourself deeply couch-locked and dozing off. Hence, it’s the perfect hybrid strain for night use. But mind you, it’s only suitable for the experienced!

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8. White Widow

White Widow hybrid strain

White Widow hybrid strainA trichome-heavy strain that hits you hard with a cerebral rush, White Widow is one fast-acting hybrid weed. It has average THC levels of 20%, sometimes reaching even higher.

Even though this strain has an underwhelming earthy and piney flavor, it’s one of the most popular sativa dominant hybrid strains out there. With a boost of energy, you’ll find yourself highly focused and super alert. It’ll also give you the ability to explore new realms of creativity.

A word of caution, though: the mind-racing, psychedelic effects of the White Widow might make you borderline paranoid. Hence, go easy on the dosage with this hot-headed strain.

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Wrapping Up with the “Top Hybrid Strains”

What’s the best hybrid strain for you? The answer simply depends on the effects you’re looking for and the flavor profiles that suit your taste buds.

For the adventurous who are looking for some whacky after-effects, sativa dominant hybrid strains are the best picks. Something like White Widow or Mac 1 can leave you giggling and imagining strange things – a feeling worth experiencing.

But for some deep relaxation, indica dominant hybrid strains like Blue Cookies and GSC can make you pain-free and blissfully sleepy.

Moreover, the flavor and aroma of a hybrid strain is another thing to consider – not everyone enjoys sickly sweet buds or strong, chemical-y flavors. Lastly, you’ll have to note the THC levels in your buds. How potent a strain can you tolerate?

Typically, I suggest novices to start from something well-balanced like Gelato. It lets you enjoy the high and relaxing effects without agitation or disorientation. When you’ve had enough experience, you can move on to exploring stronger strains.

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