How to Store Edibles

How to Store Cannabis Oils

Oils are particularly susceptible to rancidity as they age, and once infused with organic matter those chances go even higher. To help preserve cannabis coconut oil (or any other cannabis concentrates/oils/tinctures) we recommend a dark glass container – One of the green glass bottles olive oil or even wine comes in will do for most oils, or anything that resembles an amber dropper bottle. For coconut oil, which sets solid at room temp, wide-mouth, dark glass jars are preferable.

Regardless of your chosen style, make sure it comes with a tight-fitting, screw-on top – Preferably plastic, as metal can lend an off taste to some oils. From here, keeping your oil away from heat and UV rays are your best options for preserving shelf life. We recommend an enclosed, dark place such as a pantry shelf, located well away from any household appliances that may generate heat (stove, oven, furnaces, etc. etc.) – Expect these oils to last up to one year.

How to Store Cannabutter and Cannabis Infused Milk

Though butter is shelf stable we don’t recommend leaving cannabis infused butters out on the kitchen island unless softening them for baking purposes. To get the most out of your cannabutter we suggest wrapping it tightly in parchment paper before placing it in a resealable, airtight container (such as tupperware or silicone containers) and into the refrigerator or freezer will help it maintain it’s longest lifespan.

If placing your butter directly into airtight containers it may also be wise to place a small sheet of parchment paper or wax paper on top, before sealing the container shut. This will protect the outermost layer of the cannabis butter from being exposed to air, which can lead to both affect the taste and make it go bad quicker.

Similarly, marijuana infused milk should be kept in the refrigerator, preferably toward the back or on a bottom shelf. A glass container is also recommended here, with the same style of lid as used in cannabis oils – Tight fitting, screw on, and plastic.

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