Sneak Peek: Cannabis Research with NC State University and Current

By GE Current

Current’s Senior Plant Scientist, Hans Spalholz, Ph.D., is teaming up with Dr. Ricardo Hernández, Ph.D., who is conducting research on the effects of light intensity on cannabis crops in a controlled environment. Along with being a horticulture expert with degrees in plant physiology and agronomy, Dr. Hernández is also an assistant professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Hernández is also the co-founder of Grafted Growers and SIGS™, giving him firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing growers today.

The purpose of the research Hans and Dr. Hernández are conducting is to determine the ideal supplemental lighting intensity for producing the highest level of vegetative biomass possible with the objective to produce larger flower yields in cannabis. Their research will gather data on two critical cannabis growth stages—the vegetative stage and flowering stage—to identify effects on complete plant morphology. Just as important, they will evaluate differences in the flower cannabinoid and terpene profiles between supplemental light treatments and two model streams (indoor versus greenhouse production) to truly understand the impact of vegetative stage conditions on the final flower product.

Dr. Hernández, as well as the students in the university’s horticultural…

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