15 reasons why you should grow your own weed during this pandemic

Let’s face it; growing own ganja plants is like having a private party. This is so because in case you would like to enjoy your best strain, you will only need to head to your grass farm and harvest your best. As simple as that.

Nonetheless, if you are contemplating growing your pot plants in this pandemic, the decision wouldn’t have come at a better time than this.

And wait…the reasons you are going to read here are unique, which will make you fall even more in love with seeing flourishing ganja plants in your homestead.

Let’s dig deeper and see them.

  1. Savings

Cost-effectiveness should be among the top priorities before venturing into any business. And we will treat pot growing as a business. See, buying weed is not cheap and it will honestly not be cheap…EVER. Depending on where you live, grass per gram can be expensive in the long run, but be cheap when you grow it from scratch.

Please don’t understand us wrong. This is not to say, supporting your local businessmen by buying pot from them is bad. However, we don’t see why weed may be legal or semi-legal in your area, and you end up failing to have a few strains under your name.

Save yourself from the overall purchasing costs of weed by planting your grass outdoors if that’s where your financial capabilities allow. You will only need the seeds, light, water, and arable soil, most of which you get these necessities for free, except the seeds.

  1. Satisfaction

Not unless you live in countries like Amsterdam, where you can be able to choose a dope bud from the menu, most places won’t let you feel satisfied with choosing the bud of choice. Secondly, you won’t have to rely on your friends to pass over some puffs to you. With your own weed, you can be sure to live a self-sufficient life since you will prepare yours at the time of need.

  1. Weed seeds are affordable

You don’t have to break your bank in the quest to purchase pot seeds. When you reach out to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, you will realize that you can save as much money as possible. The original prices of the weed seeds are pocket-friendly.

Secondly, you can get price discounts when you purchase your seeds using Bitcoins. This is to tell you that you shouldn’t restrict yourself from buying pot seeds citing high prices.

  1. Ease in growth

During this era of the Internet, growing weed shouldn’t be hard, thanks to the information available on search engines. You can be sure to read our grow guide, and you will undoubtedly be happy to learn that weed cultivation is the easiest. These handy grow materials are there to make it easy for you to garner the most yields from your cannabis farm.

  1. An ingenious way to use time

Picture this: How many hours of the day do you spend or rather waste during your off days, holidays, weekdays, et al? What if you fixed your schedule and used that time to cultivate your own grass plants? You will realize that you will have used your time so wisely.

  1. A way to make extra cash

Did you know you can cultivate ganja in the same way you would when growing subsistence crops? That is, to sell the surplus harvests? Well, depending on the laws surrounding the ownership and trading of cannabis in your country, you can be sure to sell the remnants after getting your desired yields of pot. As mentioned above, weed is not cheap, and this will mean that you won’t sell yours cheaply, either. Make those extra bucks and expand your cultivation venture.

  1. The fading stigma around cannabis cultivation

Unlike the past, where cultivating and using pot seemed somewhat queer, most countries and individuals are embracing the benefits of marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes. This is essentially an important reason why you should have cannabis plants on your farm, if you haven’t started, yet. Don’t feel bad that marijuana cultivation may be illegal in your area. As things seem, its decriminalization or legalization will soon kick in your country, and getting these helpful hints will come in handy to start your venture.

  1. An excellent way to pass the time during self-isolation

In the first quarter of 2021, there were many cases of coronavirus. These have seen to it that government authorities are embracing self-isolation and social distancing. With these measures in place, there comes ample time to explore new ideas, and this could be your ideal time – planting weed to kill time and learn more advanced skills in marijuana cultivation.

Should you be in a dire situation to grow pot during this pandemic, we would advise you to read this blog post about how you will benefit when you order your pot seeds early.

  1. It is fun to grow pot plants

You will honestly like it when you cultivate your pot plants. This is like attending both theoretical and practical classes. Why? Simply because you will learn these reasons for planting your weed plants and try the practicalities in your farm. Nothing will beat the joy that will come with seeing your plants flourishing, and especially after realizing that you have followed the pot cultivation instructions to the entirety.

  1. Ability to choose from different strains

Do you love any particular cannabis strain? Then after visiting the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, you should be able to filter your results and settle on it. That way, you will be in a position to know what weed seeds you are planting. That is to tell you that your own pot plants are the best way to help you introduce the most preferred plant matter to your body.

You will, of course, agree that it may be relatively hard for a bartender to give you your favorite strain since it will either not be there, or it won’t be of your most preferred quality. Secondly, planting different strains will expose you to different tastes, aromas, and effects.

  1. More room for trials

Growing your own pot may make you get enormous amounts of yields. These harvests will essentially enable you to try out many things like exploring different cannabis edibles. It will, of course, be a different case with buying weed. You will honestly part with loads of cash if at all you would like to explore more than two cannabis recipes, which is why taking the buds from your store will make you achieve such a dream hassle-freely.

  1. Pride

Yes, you read that right. Growing weed plants from scratch get characterized by loads of satisfaction. That is, you know you germinated the seeds yourself, and saw them through all the phases of growth and eventually getting harvests.

You also develop great relationships with your plants and be in a position to tell when it needs specific nutrients or when infected by any sorts of a nuisance, including molds. The satisfaction that comes when you subject your plants to the needful conditions is unexplainable, while also making you enjoy every learning curve.

  1. You know what you will eventually smoke

You may lose the whole point in enjoying pot if you buy it. This is so true, especially because you won’t be in a position to tell under what conditions the weed was grown. Conversely, growing it yourself gives the assurance that you had grown it on organic soils, and what you are introducing into your body is the best.

Secondly, you will be in a position to tell the best time to smoke such a strain. If, for instance, you are smoking a Sativa-dominant strain, then day time would be the ideal time to garner the desired benefits. On the other hand, Indica strains will give you the best feelings during the night.

  1. Full control

You can control everything from seed to harvest by planting your own weed. Could it be that there is a favorite fertilizer you would like to use in your plants? You can use it on your plants. Do you want to take unadulterated weed? You have all the control to take it as you want it. Necessarily, nothing would beat the convenience that comes with the cultivation and consumption of pot from one’s own farm.

  1. Weed is resilient

Depending on the strain, the grass is a relatively resistant and hardy crop. This will, of course, vary from strain to the other. Nonetheless, we have described all of our stains and made information accessible to let you know the grow environments and the conditions that you would have to subject your pot plants for the best yields. That said, the weather patterns in your area shouldn’t restrict you from planting the pot of choice during the pandemic. We have an array of strains that can do well across different parts of the world.

However, we advise you to research most strains, if not all, before ordering to know whether they may do the best in your place.

So, what are the benefits of growing your own marijuana?

As seen in the above 15 reasons for growing your weed during the pandemic, the benefits outweigh buying weed to a great extent. Be sure to order your cannabis seeds from us, and we will help you in cultivating the best pot by shipping our fruitful grass seeds to you.

Do you have any more reasons why you grow your marijuana? Let us know in the comments!

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