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A dog’s life: products for peaceful pups (and happy humans)

As the purchase and rescue of so-called ‘lockdown dogs’ or ‘pandemic puppies’ reaches new heights, there’s never been a better time to treat your canine companion (and yourself) to some extra care, from CBD treats to luxurious leads. Who’s walking who?

Is your dog stressed out? Because chances are, as on-edge as you’ve been feeling recently, your canine companion could probably do with some extra love, too. As Martha Stewart knows (you read that right) months of quarantines and lockdowns have taken their toll on pets. Show them some extra care with our edit of wellness products and treats specifically designed for dogs.

Martha Stewart’s CBD drops

It’s no secret that Martha Stewart knows a lot about food. She also knows a lot about animals, with four dogs, three cats, canaries, peacocks, horses, geese, and over 200 chickens. Cannabis too, is an area of expertise, as evidenced by her recently launched CBD line and her ‘potluck’ themed dinner party show with Snoop Dogg.

Now, Martha’s mastery of all these fields has come together to create something unexpected – a line of gourmet CBD dog products. The range includes CBD chicken and cranberry flavoured chews designed for ‘helping dogs cope with everyday stress,’ chicken and blueberry gummies for maintaining the joint health and mobility of dogs, and chicken flavoured ‘well’ drops formulated to improve the wellbeing of dog’s while being gentle on sensitive stomachs.

Aesop animal wash

Wouldn’t it be great if snuggling up to your beloved pooch was the olfactory equivalent of walking into an Aesop boutique? If that sounds like a dream come true, you’re in luck. Aesop’s ‘Animal’ cleanser is infused with lemon rind, tea tree leaf, and spearmint leaf to naturally clean and deodorise fur, leaving behind a scent so nice you might wish you smelled the same. If that’s the case, the ‘Animal’ wash doubles as hand soap for humans too. A calming treat for pup and pup-parent alike, the natural ingredients are thoughtfully combined for even the most sensitive skin.

Loewe’s leather feeder bag

A dog’s life has never been so luxurious, thanks to Loewe’s brown leather feeder bag. Complete with a stainless-steel bowl, matching water flask, a leather leash, and a wool blanket covered in the brand’s signature logo, is an exceedingly stylish accessory for your routine walk in the park.

Fable’s home set

Fable’s Home Set is an easy, all-in-one kit for making pets feel at home without sacrificing the look of your own. The kit includes a simple, solid-coloured bed and water bowl, cleansing wipes made with entirely-organic ingredients, and the brand’s signature Falcon toy which simultaneously entertains and treats cavities. All of Fable’s products are inspired by the simplicity and efficacy of Scandinavian design, making them a suitable addition to any modern pet-owners home.

Malin+Goetz shampoo

It takes a dog lover to know what dogs need, which makes the duo behind Malin+Goetz skincare well equipped to create their brand’s dog shampoo. Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz made the shampoo with their own beloved pug, Mr Greenburg, in mind, devising a formula of natural botanical extracts and amino acids that effectively cleans the skin while keeping fur soft and healthy.

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