Green Revolution Needed! – By Jason Rice

Over the years I’ve always tried to engage positively with the Law and the Policy makers, sometimes much to their consternation, and once or twice to my detriment! After challenging the System, joining Liberty and for the bigger picture, Human Rights and cannabis to the fore, it seemed things were moving forward 10 years ago, look where we are now!

Cannabis society’s inclusivity and the States neglect and denial affect a bigger divide that is another example of the pyramid system benefiting those few at the top and effecting disparity for the many. Cannabis is all things to all people- the State and its Institutions are not!

Those with Privilege creating favouritism, often through nepotism; rewarding bad practice and those seemingly put above the law and being the problem and not part of the Solution is what the people are up against. These are often unelected and unaccountable individuals. There is still an ingrained reluctance to take on board the ‘hippie ideals’, values and concepts.

Currently the UK Metropolitan Police are now being investigated for illegally infi ltrating environmental and other groups since the 1960’s…spying; GCHQ spies…Surveillance Capitalism breaking the Law against the masses and anti-cannabis against the people as a common theme as with suss laws and the notorious SPG- all ruining countless lives in the name of Law and (Dis) Order!It is not a level playing fi eld at all, north or south, east or west for that matter, let alone from country to country. The US/UK system has sucked for ages. It is time for change, and quick. Surely it is time for equality and diversity more than ever in a radical shake-up.

Take the UK’s insidious 1971, Misuse of Drugs Act, nearly 50 years old now; 10 years after the UN backed the Prohibition of Drugs. Both causing more harms and distress than the drugs themselves. The collusion of the Judiciary, not caring about social mores, and the Racial divide, let alone rich and poor and a Class system revealing issues that prevail, still growing and going back many moons and generations.How about repealing the Act…or amending it to bring it up to date? Not have yet another Royal Commission.

Especially if there could also be a Prison Review and amnesty for non-violent Cannabis inmates, as a realistic Covid19 response and future Human Rights Agenda that is Universal.Take courage, here in the UK and do not hate the Government…’love the people all of the time’ is the ethos, as said by Bill Hicks, US comedian. But who is the enemy if there is a War on (some) Drugs, it is against me and others, because we do what millions of people believe in.? It must be a War on us as Citizens.

Non violent direct action is wanted to win it. Marijuana usage to appease my PTSD due to War wounds! Proven remedy for my many symptoms!

Respect and sincerity are on offer from the Cannahuana tax paying Community, and the System offer platitudes as a way of appeasement as in the so called ‘recent realisation’ that cannabis now has a medical value. This is well known from Chinese Tradition to Indian Ayervedic medicine and to Queen Victoria dating back many 1000’s of years.But it is November 2018 that sees the UK enter the Medical Marijuana world for its Citizens, years after GW Pharmaceutical patented the plant. Politicians eventually bowing to pressure from the public and media.

There was the thought of an ‘oil rush’. It has not been so at all.GW Pharma and their knowledge is again only benefi ting the rich and not the masses legally, with what is a plant that all can grow. Up and down the country in the UK many millions have cottoned on to the benefits but they break the Law still. Knowing its medical value as it’s been the most scrutinised plant in existence.

The World Wide Web has seen testimonials and self realisation in the cannabis world about its virtues- flowers, hash, medibles and concentrates…for decades now. The ‘Firewall’ stopping many search-engines from accessing marijuana info online through some quarters eg. Work and Libraries.

Check your Library out for access and correct cannabis information considering it is 2020…and complain if it doesn’t!2 years hence…the world moves on…now with over 7 thousand strains of ganja, and UK cannabis users have been let down by time and its not moved on as in Canada and Israel.

The trade in legal and illegal cannabis estimated at many billions. Taxed and legal trade would provide a social difference with stability and would be an initiative for positivism. This could be freedom for many not the few in loads of ways. Think about it…!Joining a group and belonging to Society, the State and being connected to the world, macro and micro economics as cogs in the wheel.

No one is an individual; we are all a link in the chain. It needs to be Holistic how we approach the Planet and ourselves NOW. It seems that joining a Political party is no real answer.

Green Britain needs to be the goal, but many Politicians are colour blind and do not see anything but their party colours, and their own paranoia and morals.

Not an all round green revolution and world view that is required.There is something empowering about belief in knowing what is right and just…and acceptance and faith in truth. The truth never lies! ‘Til wrong feels right’- to quote Iggy Pop.It is all about diversity and expression and creating and building networks and relationships. Communication is a two way thing- and ignorance is not bliss when it comes to health and stressors.

Ancient rituals and knowledge to bring us together again through Tradition and Education represented by all Diasporas as espoused by Peter Adjoye, will create a better planet and future for all.For an advocate for Truth, the eminent astrophysicist and cosmologist, Carl Sagan-‘the illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world’.

Write a letter to the PM Boris Johnson, or Home Secretary and make it an issue instead of Covid19 or Brexit. Contact your MP or Elected Representative, get pot-active…and engage!

Jason Rice, from the HOT-VW CC.Keep the community growing onward together to 2021. Namaste

Written and Published By Jason Rice In Weed World Magazine Issue 149

Image: Adobe Stock, cendeced

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