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As a full-time working mom with a to-do list about a mile long, I feel anxiety creep up on me on a regular basis. And who doesn’t? If you’re one of the few who wouldn’t generally consider yourself an anxious person, well, 2020 may have (understandably) nudged you over the edge. But when it’s my time of the month — I’m talking, a full two weeks prior to when my period actually starts — my anxiety goes through the roof.


I worry incessantly about germs and I double (triple, quadruple) check the switches and outlets before leaving the house. The mere sight of clutter on the countertops can throw me into a full-blown rage-panic. My imagination generates vivid, worse-case scenarios that swirl through my head and keep me up at night. And on top of it all, there’s the physical symptoms: cramps, back aches, and neck and shoulder tension from working at a laptop, plus all the extra worrying. It’s a monthly like-clockwork cycle, but finally, I found something to take the edge off (minus the headache-induing effects of too many glasses of wine). Enter, Rejuvia CBD.

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As I began researching natural remedies that I could take on an as-needed basis, I learned you have to be careful when choosing a CBD brand; there are a lot of inferior products out there. But Rejuvia is made with clean ingredients and organic broad-spectrum CBD (meaning 0% THC). Their line of products is not only potent, they address my full range of PMS symptoms (and, let’s face it, those daily “life-is-stressful-as-a-work-from-home-mom-with-a-12-month-old” symptoms).


When the worries begin to take over, it’s my cue to begin my routine: In the morning, I pop a couple of Spirit & Harmony capsules to begin the day with a dose of zen (yep, literal chill pills), and during the work day, a spritz of Glowing Lucidity spray helps me re-focus if stress makes my concentration stray. I take the Midnight Breeze spray at night for near-instant drowsiness (but without that uncontrollable “knocked out” feeling), and the CBD-infused Essence Revive balm soothes the aches and pains in my neck, shoulders, and lower back (ahhh).

And my new favorite night cap? A mocktail with flavored seltzer water mixed with a dropperful of Peppermint Serenity tincture plus a squeeze of lime (you can also take a tincture dose right under your tongue). It’s the best way to unwind — look Ma, no hangover!

I use Rejuvia products regularly, but I reach for them more frequently when I’m experiencing PMS. And I’m sure you can relate: When it comes to stress and anxiety, every day is different. For those times when life starts to feel just a little bit overwhelming, CBD can help.

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