7 Things To Do When You Buy CBD Oil

7 Things To Do When You Buy CBD Oil

Buying the right CBD Oil in a mass-marketed world can be frustrating! So here’s our list of 7 Things To Do When You Buy CBD Oil.

Why is it that when you want something simple that can benefit your wellness, all of a sudden there are a hundred different articles, blogs, opinions, and advertisements enticing you, further confusing you?!

Yes, my friends, the industry can be fickle – especially when you don’t have a clue on where to begin.

So if you’re a beginner, or a seasoned Cannabis user, knowing these 7 things that you should do, will hopefully lead you on the path of picking the best CBD oil for you.

#1. Decide Why You Want CBD Oil

The very first thing to consider is why you actually want to use CBD oil.

Is it for wellness benefits overall, certain medical conditions, anxiety, or depression?

Also, has your medical professional or Doctor prescribed you CBD oil for a specific reason?

Knowing why you want CBD can help ‘weed’ out products and strains so that you can ultimately pick the best oil.

Personally, I was prescribed medicinal marijuana for adrenal fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome. My MD took the time to properly introduce me to the strains that were best suited for my wellness needs.

The question to answer here is: why do you want CBD oil?

Hand on stomach
CBD stomach pain relief

#2. What Form of CBD Oil To Use?

Now that you know why you want CBD oil, you can decide HOW you’re going to consume it.

There are many ways that are both fun, convenient, simple and effective.

  1. CBD Capsules – easy to ingest and swallow, quick, on-the-go CBD oil.
  2. Straight-up-oil – taken orally, usually under the tongue, and then swallowed.
  3. CBD Edibles – like gummies, for example, that make it fun and tasty at the same time!
  4. Vaping – a form of ‘smoking’, to put it simply, where you inhale the oil
  5. Edible recipes/cooking or baking – this can be fun too!

The question to answer here is: how do you want to consume CBD?

cannabis edibles weed chocolate and weed brownies

#3. Will There Be Any THC?

Here’s a BIG question to ask yourself. Do you want a Hybrid of BOTH CBD and THC oils?

Or do you want to stick with a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum that has 0 traces of THC?

CBD isolate and broad spectrum contain no THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that makes you high.

However, a hybrid strain that contains a balance of both, or one where CBD is a little higher than the THC, or vice versa can have an effect on your wellness for sure.

The question to answer here is: Do you want CBD only, or a little THC too?

CBD oil, hemp oil and THC oil on a table

#4. Lab Or Test Results

I found this particular tip VERY useful when sourcing out which companies I wanted to purchase my CBD oil from.

Why? Because knowing that an organization is transparent, honest, open and forthcoming with their lab reports as well as testing results on their cannabis plants is a comfort.

I looked for where the cannabis is grown, and how they use third parties to test the oils.

To me, all of this careful and quiet behind-the-scenes work ( which is essential) means that the company cares, and is extremely professional and diligent in providing high quality CBD.

Having content and quality control means that whatever is going into my body is safe.

Screenings and reports can show you if toxins or chemicals are used in the processing part of the plant’s journey, or if any pesticides are used in the growing process.

No lab reports? Seriously?! What are you trying to hide sneaky cannabis companies??

The question to answer here is: Does the CBD oil you want have lab reports to back it up?

#5. Look For Products That List the CBD Amount

Look for how much CBD you get in each bottle, but not only that – look for how much in each recommended dose too.

It’s wise to take extra care when choosing CBD products, especially when they only list the total amount of cannabinoids, and don’t specify how much CBD is in them.

Obviously, you want to know how much CBD you’re going to be consuming each time, and from personal experience, you want to dose LOW and SLOW, to begin with – to give your body a chance to adjust, and then you can increase accordingly.

The question to answer here is: How much CBD comes in your product?

how to dose cannabis edibles with cannabis culinary certificate

#6. Avoid Products With Major Health Claims

I haven’t come across a reputable and reliable company that has claimed that their CBD products heal you, or fix health conditions, have you?

Maybe you’ve seen some sketchy marketing where an organization claims that their CBD oil, or products WILL fix anxiety, insomnia, depression, parkinsons, or even cancer.

The thing is, while CBD oil continually gains momentum with the health industry at a fast pace, these claims are simply and 100% untrue.

CBD has many wellness benefits, but it does not, and can not ‘heal’ your health.

It may be a very strong compliment to helping you manage pain, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, skin issues and more – but humans are complicated, and health issues are too.

Everyone is uniquely different, and what works for some may not work for you.

Be wary of these sketchy companies, and stick to those who know best.

The question to answer here is: Are there any false claims going on?

#7. What Dose is Right For You?

I’ll be you a million dollars that Cannabis companies all across the globe wish they had the magical answer to these frequently asked question!

The simple answer is: it varies from person to person.

The longer answer is that there are so many variables to consider when dosing with CBD.

For example, are there any other medications that you are currently on? How is your current health situation? Have you taken CBD before are are you new to the cannabis world?

These questions above are just a few of probably hundreds of important questions to be asking yourself!

To learn more about dosing, calculations, and how-to’s – you can hop on over to this helpful article.

picture of a cannabis leaf for edible marijuana

” Live By The Marijuana Mantra:

Dose LOW & Dose SLOW. “

7 Things To Do When You Buy CBD Oil


  1. Decide WHY
  2. Choose what form you want
  3. Do you want any THC?
  4. Check for lab reports
  5. Does the product list the amount?
  6. Any sketchy health claims?
  7. What’s the right dose for you?

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