Happy and Healthy Pets: Why You Should Consider Pet CBD

If you’re at all health-conscious, you may have heard about CBD: This compound of the cannabis plant, like THC, has been used for pet and human health alike. Unlike THC, which can be found in marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that it can be used for many of the same benefits — such as decreased pain, better sleep, and improved mood — without causing a “high” feeling for humans or pets.

If your pet struggles with issues like chronic pain, poor sleep, or even the anxiety that comes from moving to a new home or from being adopted, CBD can be a safe and effective solution for treating your animal companion’s problems. Read through the following tips to learn when and how to administer this supplement safely.

Why Should I Consider CBD for My Pet?

Pets can benefit from CBD in many of the same ways that humans can. A lot of people take CBD to decrease inflammation from conditions like arthritis, to combat insomnia, or to simply deepen their sleep before an early morning. They may also use CBD along with psychiatric medications — or instead of them — to treat mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or OCD.

Though your pet may not have a diagnosed mental illness or a sleep disorder that warrants doctors’ visits, it’s very possible that a hyperaware older animal could have trouble sleeping, or maybe your middle-aged pooch is developing arthritis. Perhaps you recently moved and your goldendoodle looks like she’s having panic attacks and your new puppy can’t seem to calm down when you separate from him at night!

CBD can be used in these situations to help your animal calm down, sleep better, or experience relief from chronic pain. CBD is usually dosed by weight, so look for supplements and treats that indicate your pet’s size or even breed. Most CBD supplements for animals come in the form of a treat or a pre-dosed pill, which gives you one less factor to worry about when dealing with a condition that’s affecting your pet and causing you both anxiety.

How Do I Administer My Pet’s CBD?

You’ll be pleased to know that there are several pet-friendly options for administering your pet’s CBD. People do give CBD to cats and other pets, but dogs are more often the recipients of this supplement, perhaps due to the fact that it’s been studied more for canines than other types of animals. Dogs can opt for soft chew treats, food toppers, liquids, or capsules. Here are four options to get you started in finding a supplement that your dog will take — and maybe even enjoy!

1. Treats

If your dog is used to a daily routine in which she receives a treat before or after a meal, try these grain-free pizza-flavored treats for a nice appetizer that your dog is sure to enjoy. She won’t know that her favorite treat helps her calm down enough to sleep, but she may look forward to the routine!

2. Food Toppers

If your pet is a bit finicky and does not like being given “medicine”, even if it’s in the form of treats — sometimes they just know, right? — try sprinkling a food topper on her breakfast or dinner (depending on which health issue you’re treating your pet for; animals with sleep issues may need their supplement given specifically at bedtime). To start with, try this certified organic option from Petabis Organics that functions as a salt shaker.

3. Pills and Capsules

If you’ve got a large dog that really doesn’t care one way or the other what she chows down on, try giving her a CBD pill that contains 15 milligrams of active CBD. If she doesn’t like taking pills alone, or if she prefers them hidden in treats, try giving it to her in one of these Greenies Pill Pockets .

4. Liquid Supplements

If all else fails, liquid supplements can be an effective, sneaky way to get some CBD into your pet’s diet. Try a few drops of Pet Releaf’s high potency liquid supplement on dry food or soft, canned food.

Are There Any Precautions I Should Know About?

Yes! As with any other medication or supplement you give your pet, you should be aware of the dosing requirements as well as the potential side effects. Here are a few things to remember before giving your pet CBD.

  • Dosage, as indicated above, is usually calculated by weight. Small dogs will likely require less than larger pets.

  • If you are giving CBD to dogs as well as your cats, you should know that cats could be sensitive to compounds called “terpenes”, which occur in most CBD oil and supplements.

  • While human supplements may be safe for pets, it’s best to buy a CBD liquid, pill, or treat that’s specifically designed for your pet’s weight and breed.

If you have other questions or concerns about giving your pet CBD, especially if your pet has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition or takes other medications, please ask your vet about the proper dosage and administration requirements before you attempt to give CBD to your pet. CBD, overall, is thought to be extremely safe for both humans and animals and can radically change the life of a pet suffering from chronic pain or debilitating anxiety. Look through our options for pet-friendly CBD supplements at Baxter Boo, and remember to reach out with questions!

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