Long time smoker, decided to give it up to qualify for Pilots Licence

Been a smoker for decades, probably smoke 25,000 joints in my life.

Went into pilot training still smoking, but noticed the Canadian regulations say can’t smoke for 28 days prior to being on flight crew.

Sucks but I had to bite the bullet and go cold turkey. Marijuana is great because it’s probably the easiest drug to quit when you need to. I was really edgy first 2 days, and after 3 days off, the very vivid dreams started kicking in, and I knew it was mostly out of my system. I could easily rationalize continuing to smoke, and hide it but it figure the regulations are there for a reason.

After about 4 days I feel great and know If I stick to the plan and really relish flying, will be fine.

My short term memory for names and number sequences is garbage now, so it will take me a few months to re-train my brain to remember arbitrary stuff.

The last thing I want when I’m doing my check ride with examiner is to be fumbling and doing stoner things. Generally it’s time to move on from it.

The trade off is that I get to be a pilot and fly my family around without feeling like an imposter. And have very cool dreams.

I changed my Dating apps from looking for puff partners to looking for non drug users bc I don’t want to relapse.

Wish me luck!

PS if/when I lose my medics, certificate or retire from flying… 😊💨

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