There’s a new study out of the University of New Mexico that reveals people suffering from chronic pain of all sorts have a better chance of managing symptoms when smoking cannabis flower (compared to using tincture, topicals, edibles, suppositories, etc).

Is that because of the fast onset time of THC that’s been activated by combustion and inhalation?

Well, the findings suggest whole flower use is associated with more chronic pain relief, and that high THC levels are the “strongest predictors of analgesia” across the five categories of pain.

[Editor’s Note: We assume it’s more technical than the word “ouchie” underneath the numbers 1-5.]

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Let’s hear it from the study looking at the effect of cannabis on chronic pain:

These findings are nothing short of interesting especially given the rising popularity of CBD as a pain killer.

The researchers basically say that using some THC is critical if you want to treat pain. “Cannabis flower with moderate to high levels of THC is an effective mid-level analgesic,” they say.

“Perhaps the most surprising result is just how widespread relief was with symptom relief reported in about 95% of cannabis administration sessions and across a wide variety of different types of pain,” says Xiaoxue Li, the study’s lead author.

“Our results confirm that cannabis use is a relatively safe and effective medication for alleviating pain, and that is the most important message to learn from our results,” says Jacob Miguel Vigil. “It can only benefit the public for people to be able to responsibly weigh the true risks and benefits of their pain medication choices, and when given this opportunity, I’ve seen numerous chronic pain patients substitute away from opioid use, among many other classes of medications, in favor of medical cannabis.”

Cannabis likely has numerous constituents that possess analgesic properties beyond THC, including terpenes and flavonoids, which act synergistically for people that use whole dried cannabis flower,” Vigil says.

“Overwhelmingly, when the whole plant is used rather than isolating one compound of the plant inevitably it’s more effective,” explains Om of Medicine co-founder Mark Passerini, who worked with the University of Michigan for an International Review Board sanctioned survey on opioid and cannabis use.

So there it is. Flower. Your friend against chronic pain. All five categories of pain. Which makes sense. Pain is bad. Cannabis is good. Especially cannabis flower. Especially cannabis flower found in legal Massachusetts cannabis dispensaries.

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