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Remember when we all thought things would all go back to normal in 2021? Good times, good times. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize we have reached, what some may call, the Florida man stage of American society. Because of the zeitgeist COVID has so graciously created for us, everyone is (rightfully so) a little more high strung than usual. We hope things will get better soon, but, until then, if you’re at least 21, try some of these CBD products on sale that are proven to mellow you out effectively.

Just do us a favor and touch base with your medical team about CBD before taking the plunge (it’s not yet FDA-approved, so it’s kinda important you chat with the doc first). Also, usage and legality is a state-by-state variance, so make sure you’re playing by the rules so you don’t ruin the good time for everyone.

The Hippie W

This vape ditches old technology and uses a full ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece to preserve flavor. Essentially it’s the best taste for those of us with the best taste. Get The Hippie W for $39.95 (reg. $49).

Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer

Here’s the world’s smallest vaporizer for waxy oils and liquid, because technology, that’s why. Get The Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer for $14.99 (reg. $34).

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sundays (or any day for that matter) don’t have to be so scary anymore with these 10mg gummies in your self-care arsenal. Get Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies for $29.99 (reg. $36).

Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture

The same punch you get with the gummies in tincture form, which is just a fancy word for oil. Get The Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture for $64.99 (reg. $70).

Pokeball Grinder

Need to adult-ify your life while still feeling nostalgic for a time before all the existential crises? This Pokeball will take your childhood and add a little spice (pun intended). Get The Pokeball Grinder for $7.99 (reg. $14).

Allin1E Smoking Tool

This aluminum case features a built-in grinder and includes storage for a mini Bic lighter on one side, a cig-shaped quartz glass one-hitter pipe on another, and a stainless steel cleaning poker on the back, a smoker’s true best friend. Get The Allin1E Smoking Tool for $30.99 (reg. $59).

Rise CBD Ground Coffee

Rise, shine, grind, wake, bake, or whatever else you need to get through the next 40 hours of the work week with this CBD-infused coffee. Get Rise CBD Ground Coffee for $23.99 (reg. $32).

CBD Bundle: Combo Gummy, 1,000mg Tincture, and 2 Pre-Rolls

Not sure what type of CBD you’re into? This combo includes everything so you can find your best find, kinda like Goldilocks. Get the CBD Bundle: Combo Gummy, 1,000mg Tincture, and 2 Pre-Rolls for $51 (reg. $59).

Unicorn Jerky CBD Candy

Sorry, folks, but this isn’t real unicorn jerky. Because unicorns aren’t real. (Unless you’re convinced otherwise, in which case, we have some calming products for you.). This candy is a fruity way to get your CBD on. Get Unicorn Jerky CBD Candy for $20.99 (reg. $25).

Green Farm CBD Infused Pain Relief Cream

Aches and pains come with the territory of being active, physically fit, or over the age of 25. Manage your pain the natural way with some CBD. Get Green Farm CBD Infused Pain Relief Cream for $18.99 (reg. $39).

Prices subject to change.

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