The Sky’s Going To Fall In The Sky’s Going To Fall In … Oh It Didn’t. The ACT (Australia) Experience Reflects All Others

Well who’d have known it the decrminalization of cannabis in the ACT didn’t engender the end of civilization as we know it or as Liberal politicians would have wished it had ..and….. we’d suggest the money brokers in the medical cannabis sector in Australia too.

Yes the ACT is as boring and a dull place as it ever was.

Having followed the same story in countless US jurisdictions here at CLR we can’t say this comes as much of a surprise to us, or actually, we’d suggest, those politicians and shock jocks who hoped for evil cannabis reefer madness in order for political and pecuniary gain even though they knew in their faux wailing and gnashing the end of civilization wouldn’t come about because a few people weren’t getting arrested for smoking weed.

The ABC reports, and we thank them for this balanced and comprehensive write up a year later.

Dire warnings of legal loopholes, a mental health crisis and drug driving fears accompanied the legalisation of cannabis in the ACT last year.

But one year on, cannabis users and stakeholders alike say that, while overall the impacts have been subtle, the change has been for the better.

“Overall, we found cannabis use hasn’t changed and, in some ways, that’s the big story, because there were really dire predictions at the outset,” Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Association ACT chief executive Devin Bowles said.

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