AZ Police Are Cracking Down on Marijuana DUIs

AZ Cannabis DUI
Recreational marijuana sales are booming in Arizona as tens of thousands of adults 21 and older purchase marijuana from dispensaries since Prop 207 started. However, Arizona police officers are starting to crack down on marijuana DUIs.

“If you just have marijuana in your system, that’s all it takes,” Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Rick Morris told AZfamily.

Unlike alcohol DUIs where a breathalyzer is used, marijuana DUIs require a blood test by a phlebotomists.

“[It’s] so new out of the shoot, we don’t know if we’re gonna need an increase in phlebotomists,” Morris said.

Cannabis DUIs have been increasing ever since the state’s medical marijuana law was implemented.

“What I’ve seen in the last five to 10 years certainly is an uptick in clients who are calling me who have been injured in accidents with people who have used marijuana,” said attorney Marc Lamber with Fennemore Craig Law Firm.

One local attorney advised not to drive “within 12 hours of consuming marijuana.” A person could face jail time and fines if found guilty of a marijuana DUI.

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