The second most important part of processing hemp is the extraction process. There are a few ways to remove the hemp compounds. These methods don’t share the same safety levels. Many brands go for the cheaper removal process that uses ethanol, grain alcohol that can leave behind trace amounts in the final products.

Additionally, solvents, such as ethanol, destroy too many of the delicate hemp compounds. The benefits of using plant-based wellness products come from the 545 naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential phytochemicals.

Innovative CBD goes the extra mile and doesn’t look at the price. Instead, we use the most effective and, above all, the safest CBD extraction method available—Co2 or Innovative Synergistically Present Molecular Preservation (ISMP).

We use a subcritical procedure that is slower than the supercritical method but worth the wait. This solventless process preserves most of the delicate compounds to deliver a CBD oil that’s pure and potent.

We don’t outsource our cultivation or production to large farms and manufacturers. Our all-natural, organically grown hemp is hand-harvested and processed in small batches to ensure the highest quality and safety.

The two primary CBD oil formulas are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. These two blends have a single difference—THC. The full-spectrum or whole plant formula contains all 545 compounds, including THC. On the contrary, the broad-spectrum or THC-free blend contains 544 phytochemicals because the extraction process removes the THC while preserving the remaining compounds.

Deciding on the right formula for you is a personal decision. As mentioned, there’s not enough THC in a full-spectrum mixture to produce a high. There’s a small chance the tiny amount of THC could show up on drug screening. However, most tests don’t detect these minute levels.

Many consumers choose the whole-plant option for the entourage effect, a theory regarding the benefits of using all hemp’s compounds to get the best results. Experts believe that “the plant knows best.” In addition, some speculate that you can reduce negative responses by utilizing all 545 compounds.

CBD and CBDa may produce some adverse effects for users. These are generally mild and can be prevented by adjusting the dose or using a more potent formula to reduce how much you need to consume. These include fatigue, nausea, and irritability. Of course, if you’re taking CBD and CBDa to improve your sleep quality, fatigue is the intended result.

CBD oil is a safe and effective wellness product available in a standard tincture, edible, capsule, vape oil, and topical application. Add a daily dose to your daily routine to improve your quality of life with Innovative CBD’s all-natural, organic, hemp oil-infused products.

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