6 International Female-Owned Businesses to Support on International Women’s Day

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Image: Fe Noel

Thinking about the promising signs of spring? Feeling the annual need to re-up your space and wardrobe? Looking for ways to support Black women today? As it is International Women’s Day, we look across the globe, and particularly across the African diaspora, for ways to build up women and the brands they’ve created.

For the longest time, the fashion and beauty industries have ignored the culture and needs of Black women, but there has been a recent breakthrough in these industries and Black women are pushing boundaries and creating things tailored to empowering women.

Throughout the pandemic, ICU nurse Katrina Thompkins created a wellness brand, K’dara CBD, that focuses on healing through all-natural means. Uoma Beauty, founded by Sharon Chuter, has been called one of the most inclusive beauty brands focused on fostering confidence and self-empowerment.

54Kibo and Tongoro source all of their merchandise from across Africa, working to create and curate brands that are Afrocentric all while helping to build and foster different artist’s creativity and economy.

And if you’re looking for a few more, there are fitness gurus and other Black female-owned centric gift-guides for your viewing pleasure.

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