Dabbling in Dabbing: 5 Things First-Timers Need to Know 

Over the past decade, cannabis has exploded in popularity. As nature’s leaf gained a positive reputation and became beloved amongst a wide demographic, consumption methods have evolved past the ordinary toke. Substances like tasty infused confections and flower-based smoothies are readily available at your local dispensary. For those looking to heighten the herb’s impact, dabbing is becoming increasingly popular.

Dabbing is the most modern means of consumption and consists of heated wax concentrates that are inhaled and savored. Dabbing packs a smooth punch laced with a mild flavor and is the healthiest way to enjoy flower. Those looking to test the waters and take the plunge into dabbing should first invest in quality equipment from retailers like MJ Arsenal. With the right rig, your dabbing experience can go from delightful to transcendent.

Are you interested in experimenting with more intense concentrates? Here are five things every first-timer should know before taking their first puff.

How it works

While traditional smoking methods require simply burning flower, dabs heat concentrates to high temperatures, resulting in a potent, inhalable vapor. Simply drop a small amount of concentrated wax into the nail (a chamber attached to the stem of the rig) and breathe in the potent byproduct.

There are also various rig options up for grabs. Most smokers use a trusty blow torch and an oil rig to achieve intense heat, while others opt for more compact, pen-sized versions. Although it may seem daunting, applying the flames to the nail of your dab rig isn’t as intense as it may seem. Keep a reasonable distance between you and the rig and follow safety instructions on the device, and you’ll be ready to ride the high.

Equipment you need To dab effectively, you’ll need more than just a lighter. Start by acquiring an artfully crafted glass dab rig made specifically for wax concentrates. You’ll select from a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing for a smooth, aesthetically-pleasing high.

Next, find a durable nail and dome accessory. A dab nail is a small spout-like piece that fits inside the stem of your rig and is used to hold the wax while it’s heated. Although some swear by a top dome—which is a glass cover for the nail used to trap vapor— others forego a topper, as it’s not necessary to light up.

Research your concentrate

Wax is a highly potent hemp substance, but purchasing a low-quality concentrate will dampen your high. Find licensed retailers who sell a reliable product, and make sure your wax is free of any contaminants. Additionally, test your concentrate for a favorable cannabinoid profile that will produce relaxing and psychoactive reactions equally.

The benefits

Experienced smokers favor dabbing because it delivers an intense high, but there are numerous other benefits to dabs as well. For example, the vaporization process provides an immediate impact and is smoke-free, resulting in little to no odor. The purity of concentrates also highlights the diverse range of flavors, allowing you to savor nature’s potent flower in all its glory.

Find a smoke buddy

Indulging in cannabis products is always more enjoyable when done with a trusted friend, and dabbing is no different. Pair up with a friend who wants to experiment with you or is willing to watch over you while you light up. Conversely, reach out to an experienced dabber who can show you the way as your personal flower guru.

Bottom line

Dabbing offers a fresh take on enjoying herb in its purest form. By building your oil rig arsenal and exploring different concentrate strains, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a certified stoner.

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